My Favorite meal... Brunch

"Right now is a special occasion. Use your fancy dishes and savor the moment."


My favorite thing about weekend mornings is no doubt waking up without an alarm clock. My second favorite thing is making a nice, delicious, and special brunch with my husband and fur babies. He does most of the brunch cooking. He loves to cook. He loves to cook with the intention of making it a delicious feast. I love to make it an event by adding placemats, a lit candle, and the fancy tea cups.

Most of us as kids can probably remember seeing fancy dishes in the cabinet, wanting to use them, and being told, "No, sweetie, those are for special occasions." Well, whimsy makers, I am here to tell you everyday is a special occasion. We woke up. We are breathing and that truly is special. Especially our believed weekends. One of my favorite ways to make a part of my weekend whimsical is to make one of our meals special. Most times it's brunch.

I invite you to dream with me. Close your eyes... picture us as we break out the Floral and Death Star tea sets. We carefully fold the white paper napkin. While Hubby cooks I lovingly brew the coffee or tea for us. While we wait for the kettle to whistle we lit a candle. I could totally see you joining along and starting your favorite playlist while our fur babies wag their tails looking for scraps. Don't forget about the littles. The kiddos, joining this meal, can help whisk the scrambles eggs. If they're into the decor aspect, like me, they could carefully set the out the fancy silverware. Don't forget random dance breaks and solos singing into the spatula. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Mmmmm can you taste the first sip of coffee, while still in your cozy PJs, amongst a flickering candle flame? I can and it's a marvelous whimsical sight.

I challenge you to make a weekend meal a cherished event. Maybe it's lunch. Maybe it's Dinner. Maybe it's desert under the stars wrapped up in a blanket.

What's your favorite weekend meal? How do you make it special? I'd love it if you shared all the fantastic details with me. Feel free to comment here, email me, or tag me on Instagram using #beawhimsical or #whimsymaker

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