New Rhythms to Vintage Jams

Dear Whimsy Makers,

I hope your weekend treated you well. Mine was full of things that needed to get done that we’ve been putting off. You know... the boring stuff. Hubs and his father worked on the massive amount of leaves in our yard. We've been putting it off since fall. I went from our attic bedroom to our basement, multiple times, doing 8 loads of laundry. My oh my. Why we bought a house where the laundry is in the basement I’ll never know. Ha! I joke it’s because we both need more movement. Rosie (my house) knows just what we need and forces us to do it. My mother-in-law came to just hang out. She worked on typing up her recipes while we all did our thing. We ended the day breaking bread over a big bowl of homemade chicken and noodles and snicker doodles. All made by my in-laws. Yum! What a gift! I have to say this morning we were wiped. We slept in and did our weekly grocery shopping very slowly. We made it fun by taking the top off of our Jeep and getting a Honey Almond Milk Flat Whites. On our way to the grocery store I remembered that our local record store was running a sale, bogo, on used records! I just had to stop by! I went a bit crazy. I found 6 records. Guess which bands? Ok. Ok. I‘ll tell you. ;) I picked out... The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and three different Beatles albums. I couldn’t believe it. I was over the moon. Of course I had to listen to them as soon as I got home. I’m sure my impatience to play them doesn’t surprise you. Soon we found ourselves playing the new records, chopping up produce, preparing our medicine, making breakfast bowls, and meal prepping for the work week. It was so wonderful listening to the records while doing our mundane tasks. I told hubs that this should be our new Sunday Ritual. Prepping to nourish our bodies during the week while nourishing our souls with music. He laughed and said, “You said that last week while we did this”. I laughed realizing I had forgot we did almost the exact same thing last week. Then I remember the amazing JoAnna Devoe suggested this to us. We did the suggestion without even realizing we started doing it.

Shameless plug but if you aren’t a follower of her you really should be. Check out her website So here’s to new rhythms while listening to vintage jams. Oh how whimsical it has become. Do you have any fun Sunday rituals to get you ready for the week? I’d love to hear. Feel free to email, comment below, or tag me on Insta.


PS- I did a new format for this blog post. I decided my posts are like a letter, of my weekend whimsical adventures, written to you all. So why not write it like a letter. Hehehe! Tell me what you think. :)

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