Self Love, Healing, and Laundry on V-Day

“Valentine’s Day should be more about self love, loving the people you share life with, and healing. It should be less about the perfect over the top date night, fancy gifts, and energy lost on making every single second perfect.”


Love Day in our house is usually pretty low key. This one was more offbeat than usual. The Hubs and I have never been ones to do anything too fancy. He will

usually bring home gorgeous flowers because he knows his wife so well. We’ll search out chocolate covered strawberries or make them ourselves. Usually we find a small gift, write in a card, make a yummy at home meal, and cuddle with our furries. Sometimes if we are feeling spunky we’ll go out and get a special coffee drink.

This year we were both adjusting to what has been the start of a wild year. Work had been so crazy for us since the pandemic hit. It hadn’t let up since. So much overtime. ZzzZzzZzz. I had started feeling so weird shortly after the New Year. Very fatigued. Super nauseated. I could hardly eat anything that would agree with me. I kept having mysterious back pain on one side of my body. Hubby suggested making a doctors appointment at an annoying rate. He loves me. That’s why! But no I was stubborn and who has time to go to the Doctors with these low mortgage rates? Plus I dearest all the tests and then double detest the bills from said tests.

I woke up a little after midnight from a hard sleep, on the 3rd February, in the worst pain I’ve ever felt. It was double over crippling pain. No OTC meds touched it. The kind of pain you throw up last nights dinner from. I couldn't get comfortable laying down, sitting, or from a hot shower. Not even almost pacing a hole in the carpet helped. Finally my hubby, half asleep around 2am, demanded we go to the ER. Good thing too because turns out it was my gallbladder and it had to come out with emergency surgery. The Surgeon had it out within hours. It was so inflamed and angry that it was at risk of rupturing. The surgery required spending the night in the hospital. My first ever. I was SO lucky enough to be on the pediatric floor with the most bright and fun Dr. Seuss decor. It was the cutest. The most amazing thing of all was The Hubs was able to stay the night with me. Thankfully I went home the next day. The surprise part... I went home with beautiful flowers from one of my Gal Pals.

Going home was a little different than usual. I was gallbladder-less, super sore, and feeling a bit shocked. I came home to a new reality of some life lessons I was forced to learn. 1) I need to start listening to my body no matter how busy I am. Health needs to come first. Even over low mortgage rates. 2) I need to completely change my diet to assist my body with adjusting to the loss of an organ. 3) My husband really is the most incredible partner. 4) Both sets of parents are so wonderful. We’re so lucky to have them. 5) Friends are pretty great, too! 6) Lastly, fur babies have magic healing powers. You can’t convince me otherwise. Due to the wild times above... This Love Day our special meal was gluten free, dairy free, and mostly plant based. My special coffee drink was made of oat milk and sweetened very little. We didn’t get each other cards. We order gifts off of EBay and didn’t wrap them. Ha! We even picked our gorgeous flowers t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. I didn’t over indulge in delicious sweets. I did however indulge moderately on 2 cookies, a few chocolate covered strawberries, hot tea, and a face mask. It’s been lovely. My heart is so full. More than I could ever guess. My Gal-entine’s for my Gal Pals are still being made. Normally I’d be distraught over that. You know what? Its going be ok! I had surgery. I went back to work that next Monday and worked a very full work week. I’m healing! I pushed myself too hard before and look what happened. So this Love Day is all about moderate indulgences, healing, and catching up on SO much laundry.

Whimsy Makers, we need to be gentle with ourselves. Love ourselves. Love the people in our life so hard! We deserve love all the time and anytime. We can love anybody any day and any month. However we can’t love if we ourselves are empty and depleted. So it’s ok if the Valentine Greetings are late. It’s also ok when Love Day looks a bit different this year. After all we are still surviving a global pandemic. I know it’s cliche at this point but... Do some BIG acts of love for yourself and maybe a few others this month. Anytime. It doesn’t just have to be on February 14th. Or even in February. In my opinion acts of love are best done all cozy at home. Here‘s a picture of my act of self love. Also a picture of my almost finished, for sure going to be late, Gal-entine’s. Let me know what you end up doing. I’d sure love to hear! Send me pics of your cheesy homemade love greetings. I’d love to see! I love food pictures and I’m not ashamed. Share them with me always. Happy LOVE Day to you all! May it be the coziest ever! 💜

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