Simple Samhain Blessings

"This year I'm wishing all of you a beautifully simple Halloween and fall. I wish it to be full of cozy whimsy, warm fires, yummy sweets, and lots of big smiles that spread from ear to ear. All of these things while spent with the ones you love."


Halloween in recent years has become my favorite holiday. I love it's simply cozy nature. I love the fall smell. I love brewing apple cider on the stove. I love the warm glow of candle light, red fall leaves, and bright orange pumpkins. This year is a bit different but different isn't always bad. This year it felt even more simple and I liked that. We bought some sweet treats, some cheap Totino's Party Pizza's, made spooky looking finger hot dogs, and watched Hocus Pocus with our fur babies. I can't remember the last time I watched Hocus Pocus without the doorbell being rung by trick or treaters anxiously awaiting their handfuls of candy. I did miss handing out candy and seeing all the cute kiddo costumes. That's ok... I scrolled on Insta and hearted all of my favorite ones. Different is just different... not bad. :)

A few weeks ago I was thinking about Halloween while working in my art journal. I had saved some trash that I knew would make great junk art journal treasure... tissue paper from a purchase of purple tight, shiny paper from credit card junk mail, and orange foil from a Christmas chocolate orange. With that wonderfully warm colored trash I made a Samhain/Halloween spread. Of course a pumpkin! My favorite!

I hope you all has a blessed Halloween! Did you make any fun crafts? What did you do this year to make Halloween special? I'd love to hear. Comment below, send an email, or comment on my Insta.

-Bea <3

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