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Bea Derrick

Hi! I'm Bea. I'm a day dreaming, quirky, 30-something working a typical 8 to 5. I'm a wife. I'm also a mom to fur babies and plants. I work in the mortgage industry but really I consider myself a Whimsy Maker! A jack of all trades; Master of none. An art tinkerer. A collector of hobbies. A home body. I've been drawn to the mystery of creativity for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be so many things. Most days a writer or an artist. I figured out I needed steady income, insurance, and a 8 to 5 work schedule. I also figured I loved playing a part in getting people into their future homes! What about being an Artist or a Writer? That's where the inspiration for Whimsical Solace came from. It's being both an 8 to 5-er and a Creative. It's my place of solace from the crazy of life.



The Whimsy Makers behind Whimsical Solace...

TodD Derrick

Hi! I'm Todd. I'm Bea's Ride or Die. I'm often helping her behind the camera taking photos or videos. Or I am her technology hero. We often talk about creativity and how to add fun/whimsy to our lives over a cup of coffee. Monday through Friday I am an engineer. I wanted to be and engineer as small as age 5. As a kid I often constructed Lego or launched my Ninja Turtle off the stairs. I find a lot of fulfillment in my career but like Bea I crave something more. I crave exploring and experimenting with creativity and life. I enjoy car rides with the windows down on back roads, tinkering in my garage, trying out new recipes, and still building Lego. Bea always gets a laugh at the things I keep in the garage. I tell her every time that I will use that random old hinge on something and I always do.


Fred & Tinsel Derrick
Decor Assistants

Hi! I'm Fred. I'm a big, almost 20 pound, orange tabby Cat... No baby! My mom says I'm a baby and she doesn't lie. I like to nap in the sun. I really love arranging flowers with my mom. Hair bands are my favorite toy. I think crystals are pretty special. They work too. I put them in the most ideal locations for Meow Shui. My mom moves them from my spots for some reason but I just put them back again.


Hi! I'm Tinsel. I'm like glitter and I go everywhere. I love playing with pom pom balls and craft supplies. I help my mom by movings things off tables when they get cluttered. We need space to enjoy the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine... plants need sunshine. I love plants. Some are edible. Some aren't. I can't seem to find the ones that aren't edible... They were so pretty. I wonder where they went?


     In Memory
Shelby Derrick
Food Taster 

Hi! I'm Shelby. I'm almost 13 and big time foodie. My humans make the most delicious food and I do the taste testing. Maybe I'll share some of my approved recipes here. I also make sure they drive safely, take needed cuddle breaks, and wake up at a reasonable hour. I very much enjoy Starbucks, long car rides with the windows down, and my ears rubbed. My hobby of choice is barking at the mailman. My favorite food is pizza. Did I mention how much I love trying new foods? Except berries... you can keep those. 


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