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Star Gazing and Star Wishing

"The stars seem to hold so many secrets. Secrets of wishes past and wishes present. It most recently holds the whisper, with my eyes tightly shut, of my most recent wish."


Fall has recently come to visit for a while. It's my most favorite season that visits. It feels like a kindred spirit coming to stop by tea and a deep over due chat. In my line of work it is when I can finally take a big breath from our busy season... Summer. I try to love all the seasons for what they are but I always struggle with summer.

One of my favorite things is the moment you walk outside and you can feel fall is here. The coolness in the wind. The sound of leaves, acorns, and pinecones falling. Seeing the squirrels start to gather for winter. The smell! Oh the smell... nothing smells as good as October! I swear even the stars shine brighter at night.

This spread in my art journal is based off one night where stress was taking over. Work was busy and I had some looming clouds of medical tests hanging over me. My hubby begged me to come outside, take our pup out, and enjoy the cool air. I agreed reluctantly putting on my sweater. We walked outside, hand in hand, and we looked up and were amazed. There were millions and millions of glowing stars. They seemed closer than normal. If you concentrated on one star you'd see even more. That's when I breathed in the fall air, smiled at the twinkling star friends, and whispered my wish so that only they could hear. I know they'll keep true to my secret wish, as they have all the many wishes they've heard before me, and all the wishes they'll hear after me. Stars are best listeners.

I looked over at my husband and my pup and felt so much blissful joy. With happy tears in my eyes, I realized no matter how stressful, these are the little beautiful moments I live my life for.

That night is where this spread was inspired from. I couldn't get that moment out of my mind. I'd see it whenever I caught myself day dreaming. I slung some paint and this is what came of it. If you check out the video on my instagram you'll be able to see the secret wish pocket behind the moon. It's my favorite. :)

Do you star gaze and star wish? When is your favorite season to do so? Have any of your star wishes came true?

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