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The Calm of Dreaming

"While dreaming we all find the calm we need." -Bea


I recently made some big changes in my life... all relating to my mortgage career. I was feeling really burnt out. To help overcome that burn out I switched offices and positions. Change for me is always stressful. Even if I am the catalyst of said change. Every time I've started a new job or position I go through a growing process that can be difficult. The stress is honestly mostly self inflicted. I worry I'm not grasping the new job roles. Or that I'm not performing quick enough. These worries often take over my thoughts in an obsessive way... I'll forget to eat and I'll suffer from many sleepless nights. Worst of all I find it hard to find the whimsy in my life. That all makes being creative elusive.

When all of this is occurring I have to force myself to find some kind of creative outlet. I decided to finally try my hand at digital art. Sometimes adding a new creative tinkering can get me back in the flow. The idea for me is to include both analog art and digital art in my creations. Which perfectly describes me. Ha! I do love learning new tech things but I often crave analog life. I will always love paper books but I also love my Kindle. Spotify in incredible but there is nothing like flipping a vinyl. Texting is the bomb but conversation over coffee is perfection.

This is my first piece that I digitally altered. I call it The Calm of Dreaming. The idea came from deep conversations with one of my best friends. You know who you are. My friend had their natal chart read by an Indian Astrologer. They suggested hanging a picture of a calm ocean on the north facing wall to help achieve their dreams. I thought that was so cool. I decided then I wanted to make that picture of a calm ocean for my friend.

Me and my friend would often talk about our dreams, while clicking a way on our keyboards, at work. I would talk about all my creative dreams and whimsical ideas. My friend would tell me about the desire to buy a yacht, float on the ocean, and see the world. These conversations helped us through one of the most stressful work summers of our careers.

When I created the original all the elements had meaning. Both the original and my edit feature stars bc many dreams come true by wishing on one. The stars are connected by purple thread to symbolize magic. The ocean is calm to remember in stressful times that the storm always passes. To keep on dreaming. A big full moon because to me they always inspire whimsy. Only the original has a yellow yacht, floating on the ocean, for my friend's dream. :)

Some of my favorite elements are the moon painted on cardboard, paint splatters, and of course my oops loopsy squiggle lines. The original has purple sewing thread given to me by my mom. I love adding odd elements to my art. Especially things one would call trash... which is my treasure.

I hope this piece inspired you to dream even if it's during a stress storm. While dreaming we all find the calm we need. 💜

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